Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Always Always Sunny

I finally started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I just want to say thank you FX for bringing me something so wonderful to watch. Seriously I'm not kidding, this show is fantastic. Brett tried to get me to watch this, as did a few others, and I never got around to it. I'm sorry I didn't, because I've been missing out big time for 3 hilarious seasons.

I'm so happy Hulu is around so I could watch all three seasons this weekend. I also went online and ordered seasons 1 and 2 on dvd so I can force other people to watch this show. (For the record, I think season 3 might be the best one. Just not out yet on DVD.)

Why is it so fantastic? It's my type of humor, first of all. It makes me laugh out loud. Also, the characters are so likeable -- you feel like you know these guys. And the situations they're in are also just outright funny. Some call it Seinfeld on crack (literally, in two episodes.) For me, it's like How I Met Your Mother on cable. Drunker, dirtier and less PC, with many more cigarettes and weapons.

So what's it all about? Five people who own an Irish pub. There's Dennis and Sweet Dee (brother and sister), Frank (their non-biological dad), Mac (sarcastic; likes to wear ironic t-shirts and cut off his sleeves) and Charlie (illiterate, lovable, and full of hare-brained schemes). The show's not really about anything beyond that.

One of the show's taglines is: "Something awkward this way comes." Need I say more?

Seriously, start watching this show. FX, please don't cancel it any time soon. I'm just getting started. And hey, networks, pick this "dumpster baby" up.


DavePress said...

i always compared the show to Seinfeld for drunks and crack heads

Brett... said...

Season 3 out on DVD 1st or 2nd week of Sept!

Brett... said...

Don't worry, it just got picked up for another season!

Lisa said...

YESSS!!! Are you serious? That's great news.