Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nielsen: How would you measure up?

Just to expand a bit on my latest post, today I read this article on Media Post's TV Watch: "First week: Viewers don't sink their teeth in." In the article, Wayne Friedman talks about the decreased ratings for premieres this year compared to last year. He includes some insight about DVRs. As I've said before, Nielsen finally got smart and started factoring in DVR viewings to the ratings.

Nielsen uses three measures - live viewing, DVR playback within three days (L3), and DVR playback within seven days (L7). So that got me thinking - what would Nielsen discover about me, were I one of the chosen few to be included in their ratings? And what about you? What are your live shows, your L3 shows, and your L7 shows? And are you like me, with shows you're all backed up on? Those wouldn't make it in at all.

So here are mine, generally...

Live viewing:
- The Office
- 30 Rock
- How I Met Your Mother
- Heroes
- Bones
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

- Grey's Anatomy

- House
- Pushing Daisies
- One Tree Hill

And unless I forgot something, I guess everything else falls off due to viewing after more than a week. At least so far. (But I need to get back into some of my old shows and also a couple new shows... that might change some things.) So what about you?


Matia said...

Good words.

Mad Mike said...

Dude no Colbert Report, no Daily Show? For shame... Hmmm I recommend Dexter if you can handle a little blood. But judge for yourself.

Butch Boo said...

Wish we gotGrey's Anatomy here.



Lisa said...

Oh, Daily Show and Colbert Report - I watch those every night. I never think to include them on here because I never DVR them. :)

Lisa said...

You don't have Grey's Anatomy?! Oh no! You're being robbed of some great soap-operatic entertainment.